ARCO       •  Shell Oil Company

Chevron U.S.A.        •  St. James Oil

Equilon Pipeline Company LLC       •  Texaco Refining and Marketing

Exxon       •  THUMS Long Beach Company

Fletcher Oil and Refining       •  Tidelands Oil Production Company

GATX Terminals Corporation       •  UNOCAL/TOSCO

Houston Fuel Oil       •  Western Fuels/Coastal Oil Co.

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners       •  Westway Terminal Company

Mobil Oil Corporation       •  Vitol S.A.



ALCOA       •  LTR Asphalt Products

Akzo-Nobel        •  Martin Marrieta Technologies

Best Foods       •  Micor Long Beach LLC

Cambro Manufacturing       •  Pioneer Chlor-Alkali

Georgia Pacific       •  Rhone-Poulenc

GS Roofing Products Company     •  Riverside Cement

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath       •  Vista Metals Corporation

Jindal Steel Corporation       •  Westinghouse Fortin

Armstrong       •  Honeywell/GE


Al Larson Boat Shop       •  Interocean Steam Ship

American President Line       •  Jankovich & Sons

American Work Boats             •  Links Marine, Inc.

Clean Coastal Waters       •  Oceanwide Repair

Clean Seas       •  Pactow Tug and Barge

Crowley Marine                 •  Public Service Marine

East Indies Agency           •  San Pedro Boat Works

Foss Maritime       •  Sause Brothers Ocean Towing

Golten Marine       •  Ship Services

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock       •  Wilmington Transportation

Sanko       •  NYK

Cascade       •  International Maritime

Harley Marine Companies     • General Steamship

Gull Maritime Corporation    • Norden Shipping

IMC Maritime    • American Presidential Lines

Hanjin Shipping    • Korea Shipping

• Kirby Marine    • Bay Ship & Yacht

• Kirby Marine Hawaii


General Construction Company  •  Morrison Knudsen

Huntington Beach Company       •  National Plant Services

IT Corporation       •  Radian International

JE Merit Constructors, Inc.       •  RIHA Construction

Levine-Fricke    • Beacon Energy

• BAE Systems San Francisco

• Univar    • Kinder Morgan Energy El Paso Texas


 • Dairy Farmers of America-Corona CA 


AES Corporation       •  Southern California Edison

•      Arizona Public Service                 •  Tarsco MCF

Chemoil Corporation        •  Union Pacific Railroad

Vulcan Materials      • Crane Realty                           

Crimson Oil     • Crosby & Overton Inc.

GAF Asphalt-Stockton     • GAF Fontana

GAF Leatherback     • HMT Tank Services MFC

Holliday Rock MFC     • Kinder Morgan Energies

Mesa Asphalt Arizona    • Pacific Gas and Electric

Petro Diamond     • Flyers Energy